Police, Pets, and Microchip Scanners.

How many pet microchip scanners do the UK Police own? With almost ten million dogs in the UK required to have microchips - and the possibility of compulsory cat microchipping - we contacted all the UK constabularies to see if they have enough scanners to deal with the current laws that go with dog and horse compulsory microchipping? This report is not a criticism of the police but more a critical look at how their service could be improved with some funding and training.The foi was requested in July 2019 and the figures returned between then and the end of the year.

Before we get into the figures let's talk briefly about microchips and scanners and databases:
All pets and animals (except insects of course) can have a chip inserted. Dogs and cats will have them implanted above their shoulders below their neck. Reptiles have their chip in their rear left leg. Valuable carp fish are microchipped and so are parrots. Dogs must legally be chipped with correct ownership details.  The…
Gizmo's Legacy parliamentary debate 17 June 2019 URGENT: Please email your MP and tell them why you think it's important they should attend.


Why is this so important?
Cat and dog owners deserve to know if their pets have been killed on council roads.

This MPs Gizmos Legacy Pack has been sent to every MP.
Please ask your MP if he or she is attending and explain why you think that councils must not dispose of cats and dogs into landfill. Pets are not waste!
Councils must enforce a simple microchip scanning procedure as listed at the back of the MPs pack.
This needs to be done as a law to prevent owners searching for pets they will never find.

Click link below to see the MPs Pack.

The 2019 Cat Theft Report

The 2019 UK Cat Theft Report:
Police crime figures updated and there's not much to purr about! The 2018 data is now in and it is showing that recorded cat theft has risen by a shocking 34% in the past year, making the overall increase 114% since 2015. The big question is: how much of this increase is due to some police forces upping their game by recording these crimes and how much is it a reflection of the cat theft picture?

Before reading this report please ensure you sign the Scanning Petition:

Why the need for a Cat Theft Report? Very little primary data has been gathered about the extent of the theft threat for cats and our feline companions were being left out of the debate as a result. It seemed to us that if we were ever going to be able to sharpen our claws when it comes to legislation this needed urgent addressing.

The Cat Theft Report 2019 is the result of data gathered under a Freedom of Information request to all UK police forces, covering the …

Pet Theft Awareness Week 2019

Here are the 2019 seventh annual #PetTheftAwarenessWeek graphics and poster.

#DogTheftAwarenessDay 14th March
#MissingCatsDay 21st March has produced this video for Dog Theft Awareness Day

Ahead of the awareness week we published this image:

Councils need to STOP throwing away our pets!

The Pet Scanning Scandal! Most pet owners are shocked to find out that many councils are simply disposing of traffic accident pets WITHOUT a simple scan to inform the owners. Imagine the heartache of someone searching for a pet which the council have not bothered to scan. A one minute scan can halt a lifetime of searching. Heléna Abrahams is campaigning with her petition on behalf of millions of pet owners after her cat, Gizmo, became an RTA victim and was not scanned.
UPDATE: Success!
Her petition has implications for all cat and dog owners.
She reached 107,062 which triggered a parliamentary debate and a future invitation to speak to DEFRA who are now considering options and a planned meeting.

What is 'Gizmo's Legacy' and why is it vital that councils scan pets they find? "Gizmo's Legacy is a government petition to get some real scanning legislation for pets so that what happened to me doesn't happen to other pet owners.
It started after Gizmo was thrown aw…

Ross Thompson MP Interview

Ross Thomson MP’s second reading of the Pet (Theft) Bill
has been postponed so that DEFRA and the government can have a thorough look at the details of Ross's proposals.

Please tell us about your own pet(s) and what they mean to you?I have a two year old Jack Russel cross Yorkshire Terrier called Poppy. The worst part of my job as an MP is every Monday morning and having to leave her to travel down to London. The fact she knows I’m leaving and does her uptmost to make me feel guilty about it just makes heading to London so much more harder.

I could not imagine returning home to find that Poppy wasn’t there, I don’t even want to contemplate the notion of her being stolen. For me, just like the millions of pet owners across the UK, Poppy is my family. To be honest I’m like a proud Dad. She has her moments, like any teenager, but I love her to bits and I would hate it for anything to happen to her.

You've already involved yourself in other pet welfare issues. How did you first beco…