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Reporting Stolen Pets: are the Police our Friend or Foe?

Reporting Stolen Pets: are the Police our Friend or Foe? Victims of pet theft often feel they are banging their heads against a brick wall.
This blog exposes the shocking flaws in the microchipping system and inadequate police resources. Read about a victim's near-seven year struggle to find her stolen cat. Red-tape, data protection, and excuse-after-excuse have prevented Clooney the Siamese cat from being reunited with his rightful owner... It is impossible to describe the torture that is pet theft. I would have to possess the artfully accomplished alliterative powers of a master wordsmith to be able to take you to the hellish place I have been over the past six and three-quarter years and it still could not begin to convey the scale of the emotional tsunami. Suffice to say it is a forbidding landscape where your darkest fears dominate; where images of starvation, injury or purposeful cruelty hijack your sanity and where panicked imaginings are matched only by the horrifying real…

Pet Theft Awareness Week 2020

Pet Theft Awareness Week 2020 March 14th to March 21st Many pet owners do not use social-media platforms. You can help them by sharing the 'print  and display' poster link
and asking pet related organisations, shops, libraries, and any public places who can display the A4 poster in their windows and on their walls.
Email the link to your vet, groomer, kennel, cattery, and make others aware.
Pet Theft Awareness:
2020 PTAW Day Planner: 1. Mar.14th:  #DTAD - Dog Theft Awareness Day. Sign Petition and Write to MPs (Sat)
2. Mar.15th:  Prevention (Sun)
3. Mar.17th:  Where are Dogs Stolen From? (Tue)
4. Mar.19th:  Horse (Thur)
5. Mar.20th:  Don't Buy Stolen Pets  (Fri)
6. Mar.21st:  #MissingCatsDay (Sat)

How can you help? Please email your MP and tell them why you think it's important they should attend the Pet Theft Debate.
Find my MP and details from SAMPA
Please write to your MP: http://www.stolenandmiss…