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The Cat Theft Report

Cat owners love their pets just as much as dog owners love theirs! We wanted to find out if more cats are being stolen or is this crime now being commonly reported and properly recorded by the police?

Are cat owners being 'fobbed off' when they report to the Police that their beloved cat has been stolen?  Or are the Police correct to assume that a cat has the right to roam and they will often have several homes they like to visit? Are ownership disputes confused with outright stealing?

Cat theft victim Toni Clarke was devastated when her pet mysteriously disappeared after a delivery driver left at her property during the summer of 2013. As soon as she noticed her cat had gone she immediately reported the theft of her Siamese cat 'Clooney' but how serious did the Police take her plea to get her family member back?

"The reaction of the policeman answering my call could only be described as instant, disinterested dismissal, citing cats' 'right to roam&…