Cat Theft Report 2021

The 2021 UK Cat Theft Report: In a year of soaring dog thefts during lockdown, we are asking the question: Are our family cats a target too? With the public, media and police quite understandably focusing their attention on the burgeoning rise of dogs being stolen - we have all seen the shocking headlines during the Covid pandemic - has this created the opportunity for cat theft to become an increasingly invisible crime?  Pet theft is NOT yet a specific crime despite several government petitions leading to parliamentary debates. Gathering data on cat theft is proving to be increasingly difficult due to the disparate nature of recording crime statistics across the forces, but perversely, had we requested data on bicycles, scrap metal or even wild mushroom theft, we would be working with a full return of figures as all three have their own categories under the Theft Act 1968. It's scandalous that the law attaches more value to these inanimate objects than it does our cherished compan

2021 Pet Theft Awareness Week:

Pet Theft Awareness Week 2021 No copyright on any of the graphics. Images at footer are created 'dog theft' images. Please use where appropriate.  Pre Week -  'Who Steals Dogs?' 1. Mar.14th:  DTAD - Sign Petition and Write to MPs (Sun) 2. Mar.15th:  Prevention (Mon) 3. Mar.17th:  Where are Dogs Stolen From? (Wed) 4. Mar.19th:  Horse (Fri) 5. Mar.20th:  Don't Buy Stolen Pets  (Sat) 6. Mar.21st:  #MissingCatsDay (Sun) Images below copyright free. Staged dog theft photographs.

Reporting Stolen Pets: are the Police our Friend or Foe?

Reporting Stolen Pets: are the Police our Friend or Foe? Victims of pet theft often feel they are banging their heads against a brick wall. This blog exposes the shocking flaws in the microchipping system and inadequate police resources. Read about a victim's near-seven year struggle to find her stolen cat. Red-tape, data protection, and excuse-after-excuse have prevented Clooney the Siamese cat from being reunited with his rightful owner... It is impossible to describe the torture that is pet theft. I would have to possess the artfully accomplished alliterative powers of a master wordsmith to be able to take you to the hellish place I have been over the past six and three-quarter years and it still could not begin to convey the scale of the emotional tsunami. Suffice to say it is a forbidding landscape where your darkest fears dominate; where images of starvation, injury or purposeful cruelty hijack your sanity and where panicked imaginings are matched only by the horrifyi

Police, Pets, and Microchip Scanners.

How many pet microchip scanners do the UK Police own? With almost ten million dogs in the UK required to have microchips - and the possibility of compulsory cat microchipping - we contacted all the UK constabularies to see if they have enough scanners to deal with the current laws that go with dog and horse compulsory microchipping? This report is not a criticism of the police but more a critical look at how their service could be improved with some funding and training.The foi was requested in July 2019 and the figures returned between then and the end of the year. Before we get into the figures let's talk briefly about microchips and scanners and databases: All pets and animals (except insects of course) can have a chip inserted. Dogs and cats will have them implanted above their shoulders below their neck. Reptiles have their chip in their rear left leg. Valuable carp fish are microchipped and so are parrots. Dogs must legally be chipped with correct ownership de