The Cat Theft Report 2022 - The Summary

 The Summary “Stealing pets is evil and depraved. It brings profound unhappiness. It cannot and will not be tolerated”. Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, Home Secretary Contents Preface Main Findings Pet Abduction Offence Is Cat Theft Being Afforded Sufficient Priority by Our Police? Recorded Cat Thefts by Police Authority Prosecutions and Cautions Cat Breeds being Targeted Preface Pet Theft Awareness is an organisation dedicated to highlighting the growing threat of pet abduction within the public and parliamentary consciousness. Originally founded in 2013 by Richard Jordan and Arnot Wilson, they were subsequently joined by Toni Clarke following the theft of her much-loved Siamese cat, Clooney, when it became apparent there was a lack of official recognition of the theft of family cats by those in authority. The Cat Theft Report 2022 is the result of evidence-based research using data gathered year-on-year under a Freedom of Information request to all UK police forces. It spans the period 2015-2

The Cat Theft Report 2022

In a year in which the growing problem of pet theft is about to be recognised by a new Pet Abduction Offence, we pose the question: Why have our family cats been left out in the cold? Pet abduction has silently become dog abduction! In 2021, the burgeoning rise in dog theft during the pandemic gripped the headlines with the public, media and police focusing their attention on the heinous theft of our canine friends. It left us wondering whether this had created the opportunity for cat theft to become an increasingly invisible crime. On receipt of last year's startling cat theft figures we now have our answer: Our cats were certainly a target too with cat theft soaring by an alarming 40%!  This hugely concerning figure sits very uncomfortably alongside the government's decision to exclude cats from the Pet Abduction Offence in the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, particularly as statistical data seems to have formed the basis of their reasoning for limiting this offence solel

Pet Theft Awareness Week 2022

Pet Theft Awareness Week 2022 - Day Planner: (ahead of week Mar 5th: graphic and post highlighting PTAW and petition) 1. Mar.14th:  DTAD - Who Steals Dogs? (Mon) 2. Mar.15th:  Prevention (Tues) 3. Mar.17th:  Where are Pets Stolen? (Thurs) 4. Mar.19th:  Horse (Sat) 5. Mar.20th:  Don't Buy Stolen Pets  (Sun) 6. Mar.21st:  #MissingCatsDay (Mon) Sign our petition: Extend the new dog abduction theft offence to cover cats and all kept animals    

What is #ClooneysLaw? #PetAbduction must include cats!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and sign the new Clooney's Law petition. We all welcomed the new #PetAbduction legislation (as part of the forthcoming Kept Animals Bill )  but it comes with a huge disappointment that cats, horses, and other companion animals have been omitted despite the original promise that the pet abduction legislation would not be restricted exclusively to dogs. Cat-theft victims are equally as devastated as dog-theft victims. Horses and their owners form close bonds.  Rabbit, parrot, alpaca, and reptile owners value their pets as much as dog owners value theirs.  Cat owners consider their pet as part of the family and need this to be recognised. ALL pet owners campaigned for #PetTheftReform, helping to make dog abduction a crime. We now need dog owners to sign this petition to help extend the legislation to include ALL pets. Clooney's Law is the name given to the e-petition campaign calling for other companion animals to be included (alongside d

Cat Theft Report 2021

VISIT THE 2022 CAT THEFT REPORT (ARCHIVED PAGE) The 2021 UK Cat Theft Report: In a year of soaring dog thefts during lockdown, we are asking the question: Are our family cats a target too? With the public, media and police quite understandably focusing their attention on the burgeoning rise of dogs being stolen - we have all seen the shocking headlines during the Covid pandemic - has this created the opportunity for cat theft to become an increasingly invisible crime?  Pet theft is NOT yet a specific crime despite several government petitions leading to parliamentary debates. Gathering data on cat theft is proving to be increasingly difficult due to the disparate nature of recording crime statistics across the forces, but perversely, had we requested data on bicycles, scrap metal or even wild mushroom theft, we would be working with a full return of figures as all three have their own categories under the Theft Act 1968. It's scandalous that the law attaches more value to these ina