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Police, Pets, and Microchip Scanners.

How many pet microchip scanners do the UK Police own? With almost ten million dogs in the UK required to have microchips - and the possibility of compulsory cat microchipping - we contacted all the UK constabularies to see if they have enough scanners to deal with the current laws that go with dog and horse compulsory microchipping? This report is not a criticism of the police but more a critical look at how their service could be improved with some funding and training.The foi was requested in July 2019 and the figures returned between then and the end of the year. Before we get into the figures let's talk briefly about microchips and scanners and databases: All pets and animals (except insects of course) can have a chip inserted. Dogs and cats will have them implanted above their shoulders below their neck. Reptiles have their chip in their rear left leg. Valuable carp fish are microchipped and so are parrots. Dogs must legally be chipped with correct ownership de