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The 2019 Cat Theft Report

The 2019 UK Cat Theft Report:
Police crime figures updated and there's not much to purr about! The 2018 data is now in and it is showing that recorded cat theft has risen by a shocking 34% in the past year, making the overall increase 114% since 2015. The big question is: how much of this increase is due to some police forces upping their game by recording these crimes and how much is it a reflection of the cat theft picture?

Before reading this report please ensure you sign the following important government petitions:
Make pet theft crime a specific offence with custodial sentences. :

Compulsory to scan & check microchips to reunite stolen dogs, cats. :

Why the need for a Cat Theft Report? Very little primary data has been gathered about the extent of the theft threat for cats and our feline companions were being left out of the debate as a result. It seemed to us that if we were eve…

Pet Theft Awareness Week 2019

Here are the 2019 seventh annual #PetTheftAwarenessWeek graphics and poster.

#DogTheftAwarenessDay 14th March
#MissingCatsDay 21st March has produced this video for Dog Theft Awareness Day

Ahead of the awareness week we published this image: