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Councils need to STOP throwing away our pets!

The Pet Scanning Scandal! Most pet owners are shocked to find out that many councils are simply disposing of traffic accident pets WITHOUT a simple scan to inform the owners. Imagine the heartache of someone searching for a pet which the council have not bothered to scan. A one minute scan can halt a lifetime of searching. Heléna Abrahams is campaigning with her petition on behalf of millions of pet owners after her cat, Gizmo, became an RTA victim and was not scanned.
UPDATE: Success!
Her petition has implications for all cat and dog owners.
She reached 107,062 which triggered a parliamentary debate and a future invitation to speak to DEFRA who are now considering options and a planned meeting.

What is 'Gizmo's Legacy' and why is it vital that councils scan pets they find? "Gizmo's Legacy is a government petition to get some real scanning legislation for pets so that what happened to me doesn't happen to other pet owners.
It started after Gizmo was thrown aw…